Wednesday, December 07, 2005

today's moment in poetical history.. by nixeclips

I of ME
by Nix

When all these faces turn to me,
My own self-worth I dimly see.
But to seek the truth inside,
I feel,
Is all too much and much too real.
The needs grow stronger and I fight,
To survive another night.
This drug, I use to try and treat,
My need to make myself complete.
Still I reach out to the sky,
But I pause to question why.
Why I couldn't stay the same,
And how I used to handle pain.
My need, my fear, my all of me,
In the end helped confine me.
And now, alone, I search this place,
But cannot fill the empty space.
I'd like to kill this beast, and then,
I'd simply try to live again.

by NixEclips
Check his blog out or die trying!

and now a little something from me..


Yelling and screaming
into cyberspace reeling
I have los' my feeling
for you , you human thing.

Keystroke, faster
then slow an' steady
baby, baby
I'm almost ready
groaning moaning
spewing cum

Sitting lonely
viewing only
your cam
if you leave it on.

it don;t rhyme, but momma was a rollin stone, and daddy died on the day I was born.

"In the year 1963 my mom had me.
5 years later my dad did."

Rev. C. Preston Smith


NixEclips said...

Dude, we hit #3! I got pics and all to prove it, as well. It showed as "nixeclip" but whatever. I'll send you the link.

Nix says: Suck it, Bruna.

DelorumRex said...

HOLY JESUS! It can be done!
I gotta have that picture! Here I was gonna cut my wrists adn all.. boy would I have felt stoopid if I woke up dead today!
I am now going to dance a jig.. and go piss on somone's grave!

NixEclips said...

I sent the pic and tags, as well. Let me know if you get them.

And btw, XaiXau, xoo, xou, whatever is, indeed, the hottest little bitch in blogland.

Nix says: Yay! #3, Timmy!

Anonymous said...

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