Thursday, December 08, 2005

DeRex on Cloning, and Dawn Yang.

DeRex on Cloning, and Dawn Yang.
Cloning, human cloning, yes, HUMAN CLONING! Should be started up, all over the world right now!

Why, do I say this.. well there are a number of what I consider very valid reasons, not the least of which is that I think it is cool.

Okay so lets imagine for a second or two.. first once cloning starts all sorts of new discoveries will come along in quick order, it is just the way of any major breakthrough.

Can you imagine a time, when any old decrepit body part could be replaced, with cloned part, no rejection, just out with the old in with the new!

Better still, can you imagine going to a store and picking our say an Angelina Jolie model, taking it home as an infant raising it and then marrying it, once it is of age.. damn sign me up.. in 20 years, I will be so old and ugly I won’t be able to get laid in a women’s prison if I had a hand full of pardons… and for the ladies, imagine your own harem of hot and cold runny Brad Pits?

.. but what about the social and moral dilemmas?? Some say.

I think if there is a god, that god is looking down at us shaking our collective heads over the moral ramifications of cloning, and shouting at the top of his lungs, “I gave you the intelligence to do it.. I think I know what I was doing! You morons!”

When it comes to technology, I am really of the opinion , that if we can do it without wiping out civilization, we should do it. Morals and spirituality are idiotic whenever they impede the progress of science. If you don’t believe me just ask Galileo.

Come on folks, don’t you think some godless commie country ain’t gonna beat us to the punch if we do not jump on the clone wagon and damn soon.. Shit, I hear tell that the Chinese have cloned a Duckbilled platypus in the womb of a giant Nazi eating Marmoset. It is only a matter of time before the Chinese clone warriors invade our shores.. chanting songs form Star Wars II.
I for one would feel better if I was sitting at home doing terrible things to one of my Dawn Yang, or Xaxaiue or Angelina Jolie clones, while our Clone Soldiers went to the front when them sneaky yellow bastards attack.

How about dogs? Can’t we clone our favorite dog? I would have a whole shit load of my dog..

Then if you can clone, how aout doing a little genetic manipulation while we’re at it.. I would clone my wife.. but with bigger tits and less mouth. Big boobed deaf mute.. now that’s what I call heaven. (I wonder if there is a lesbian gene I could turn on? With all the Angelina Jolies running around, my wife should be able to enjoy a little too?)

Well my imagination is running away with me, this was supposed to be a semi-serious posting.. but now it looks like just some more smut .. yea SMUT!

Speaking of smut.. I ran across this blog…. I don’t remember the URL.. but it was this couple.. (you can probably find it by searching for “Corinthian Couple” at technorati.. they look so happy and so naked! We’re talking full F pics! And they have links to other similar sites.. It would be so much fun to have a spouse that was into exhibitionism that much.. they say that they have had 100,000 hits! FME! I got Nix up to number three (bitches) and only got 70 or so hits yesterday.. just goes to show, when given a choice between porno and humor sex wins hands down..
DO you think that there is a girl out there somewhere that would let me write jokes while I took pictures of us fucking? If so I would make her my next ex-wife!

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