Monday, December 05, 2005

See it can be done.. Bruna Bianco proves it!

look here cool blog.. hits all the technrti highlights and then some.

I think he is agreeing with me, that by carefully planting the seed far adn wide, you could force a non-existant term into the technorati top 10.
This could also be a case of a run away macro searchign technorati for nobody again and again and again.. but I think it would feel a lot better if we all could agree on a time, and then a search term.. say "Nix" or delorumrex, then go to technorati .com at the preordained time adn start clicking.. Nix thinks he may be found out hunted down adn placed in a hole until he lerns how to behave if ever he was brought into the light.. I say "Pishkabibble!" Let the search begin!

So friends and neighbors.. what do you say.. tomarrow at 8:00 eastern time (GMT -5) we all go to technorati and start searching for "Nix" again and again and again...

December 6th a day that will live in Nixomy!


NixEclips said...

8 eastern A.M.? or P.M.? If it's pm I might be able to get others involved to make retarded history. And I have no idea how to accomodate for the time change. Fuck me. When are you gonna be on IM, you bastard. I have to be involved with this!

Nix says: Would this even work?

DelorumRex said...

because nix is a word used in German I believe we will have to use "NixEclips"

If you can get a few people involved (especialy anyone that can write a macro.. we will git'er done!"

The Great Swifty said...

Er. Thanks?