Friday, December 09, 2005

Swifty and Nix (You know Nix and Swifty sounds liek a hell of a hollywood duo.. like Butch and Sundance)

Nix is a film nut.. we all know that, for those of you who are new here (yes both of you) Swifty is a film maker.. can you think of two better people to introduce? I can’t.

Today, was a real tooth puller.. I was bored to death all day.. and was still working steadily.. I think this may be a sign that a move to Fiji is in the cards. (I need some excitment!)

I am having a hard time wrapping my little brain around how small a world we live on.
I have this friend (my first love really) whom I have not seen since (about) 1998. We completely lost touch.. even through third parties.. I mean nothing.. no touch at all!

In the last year, she has flown over my office, while landing in my home town, and then again while leaving.
My office is literally at the end of a run way.

I now live nearly 2000 miles from where we were when we were “friends”. She had no way of knowing I was here, as we had lost track of each other, over the years. So no, she was not stalking me.. or coming to see me when she flew over, that would make this story kinda lame huh?

Over the years I have thought back fondly on the time we were friends, really it was about one year in which we were “together” (for lack of a better term.. long story don’t ask)
We were just kids really.. I was 15 and 16 she was a little younger.

It just blows my mind to know that we were only a few hundred yards from one another and never knew it.

I wonder if those were the days when memories of times spent together were coming up into the conscious from the subconscious mind.. (I know t a little too mystical, for me or most of my readers).. but really what are the odds?

Think back nearly 20 years to someone you knew that has since moved away, far far away, someone you have not talked to or heard of directly in 20 years.. okay got that picture? Now imagine then driving by your office or house, a couple of times in the last 12 months.. it’s just freaky.

In the last few weeks I have made contact with a few people from my past, strange enough I found out one had relatives here in my little city 2000 miles away, and another had relatives that lived in a town 80 miles north of there, and that both have been known to visit, my little city. (And believe me this is a small city.. about the size of St Paul MN. (A little smaller even I think).

Then I get mad.. why you ask, well it’s my wife. She would be completely freaked out if she knew I was talking to “girls” from my past, even from 20 odd years ago! Now women with husbands and children of there own. (For CHRISAKE).

I think the one thing I would ask for , if I could change any one thing about my current wife, is that she could get excited about any of the things I am excited about.. her life has been a long string of chaos and defeat, I think she may not be able to get excited over anything anymore.. I would love to be able to tell her these remarkable stories. But I know she would only accuse me of wanting to F one of them or all of them at once.. fucking shame really.
(Keep in mind this is the same woman that asked me 1 – 10 times a day if I fucked anyone while I was in Europe on my last business trip, this went on for a month before I went, with lots of pouting, and for about 2 months after my return.. I would have just been happy for her, if she got to travel to Europe with her job.. I guess that makes me unusual???)
Okay ‘nuff of that.. lets get back to the meat of the story..

I am unsure how much to write here about these women from my past.. like I said they all have husbands and kids now, and I don’t know if one of there spouses is as fucking nutty as mine is when it comes to possession. SO I will leave this in broad stroke generalities. The names may or may not have been changed to protect the innocent.

(The following portion of this blog has disapeared due to mysterious circumstances.. it was last seen heading south on a fully loaded 1995 Alpacha (It's like a LLama but different)
We believe ths portion of the blogosphere to be armend and dangerous, please do not attempt to aprehend this part of the blog if you shoud see it roaming the roads adn interstates of this great land of ours.
This has been a public saftey announcment brough to you by the letters Q and the number 69.

Now bugger off!


The Great Swifty said...

OMFG! You lucky bastard! Threesome!

DelorumRex said...

now that I have edited that post.. don;t you look all goofy..
any chance you can hook me up with XX? I will give you a dollar?