Monday, December 05, 2005

how many hits is enough?

wtf? THis just posted itself.. so now I go to edit it..

I was wondering how many hits you have ot get perday to say that your blog is successful?
It 100 a day a good mark.. a thousand? TenThousand?

I wonder how many Xaixue gets? Or Daphne Tao now that she is no longer blogging?

I wonder whare most of the hits are coming from for their blogs?
Technorati? Some other magical blog searchengine that naturaly spits out links to the most irrelevent places on the planet?
(Well you can;t get much more irrelevent that I am here.. so that's not is.. or maybe it is and I am just not listed there yet?)

I still wonder how many clicks it takes to make the technrati top 10 for searches in an hour?

I wonder if two people could do it by just clicking and clicking and clicking.. this is aperently the case for Bruno Buchini (or some such name) only one taged post, it is in spanish and has nearly no substance)
So I say we put Nix on top.. go to adn put "nix" into the search bar adn hit refresh about 12,000 times.. he may not post every day but at least this way we can make him the most famous non-asain non-female blogger in history.. well for an hour anyway.

PEace out.. much work to do .. don;t have time to screw around with you pissants!


NixEclips said...

I'm afraid I'll either be comitted or arrested, dude. Heheheh

DelorumRex said...

I vote committed.. tomarrow at 8:00 am EST the fun beins.. it is international search for Nix day!

Anonymous said...

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