Thursday, December 08, 2005

NixEclips eclipses Dawn Yang and Bruna Bianco in a no holds barred grudge F.. match

Lookie.. lookie all y’all biotches!
What is in 3rd? NIXECLIPS in all his sick and psychopathic glory!

What is above Nixie? Well Gmal and Squidoo.. who is less popular than Nixie? DAWN YANG! Jenifer Aniston, Bruna Bianco and all of you!!

That’s right for a moment on December 8th Nixeclips was more popular than any other cyber ho out there in the whole fucking blogosphere!

So this is for every one on the planet that said Nix would never amount to anything.. SUCK ON THIS all YOU BITCHES!

Nix, I am happy to have helped you obtain your 15 minutes of fame.

Rock on you sick freak!

Nix says” Bruna Bianco.. I had her.”


NixEclips said...

And what's up with that girl and her fucking cat? Creepy.

Nix says: Bruna? I banged her.

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