Monday, December 05, 2005

Monday, Yelling people and King Kong.

Monday.. why do people suck?

How fucking hard is it to be nice.. or to keep your mouth shut?

Why is it nice people have a hard time saying how they feel, and mean people have no problem at all?
When was the last time someone paid you a compliment, just because they thought a nice thought about you?
When was the last time someone was mean to you, for no good fucking reason?

Chances are the later happened most recently.

I have friends and associates, whom I will compliment if I see that they are doing a good job, good work, a kind deed, or if I just like the shoes that they are wearing.. they look at me, sometimes, like I have just grown a third ear in the middle of my forehead.
Why, because not enough people are nice.

On the other hand, if I chew the ass of an employee, or friend, or wife, of step son, they act like it’s no big deal.. why because people are so fucking mean, that when you really do have a beef, nobody cares.. they are immune to it.

I am not advocating that everyone is sugary sweet to everyone all of the time, but for chrissake, people think about what you say before you say it!

(For the record, this is no condemnation of any one person, or comment poster here.. I am talking about the real world.)

I just got my ass chewed for no reason.. well, a project of mine was failed by a testing laboratory, but it was failed for something I had NO control over.. when I tested it using the same parameters it passed.. and now I am asked (yelled at) to tell my boss why it failed.. well if I knew that , it would not have failed in the first place.. The only thing I can think of is that the testing lab screwed something up.. but what.. I have nary a clue.

Okay I am too sensitive to people yelling.. I admit it. When I yell I am mad at a person, and I am mad at the person I am yelling at.. it’s pretty simple. If I am mad at a situation, I don’t yell at a person.. in fact I don’t yell at all, what’s the point?

So if someone yells and I am the only one in the room, and they are looking at me when they yell, I assume I am the one that they are yelling at.
If however, I am the only one in the room and someone is yelling at a wall, I just think that they are nutters and go on about my life.


King Kong..
Alright, I will be the first to say that Nix has a more well rounded sense of movies, and taste in movies.. he watches some movies I would call "real shit", and likes them. (see my "All That Jazz Review")
I think we both agree that the Original King Kong was cool, and ahead of it’s time.. and that the 1970’s version sucked like there would be no sucking ever again.
Now the new King Kong is coming.. and I have to admit, from what I have been hearing it will be a real good movie!

This does not mean that I will see it in the theater.. I hate movie theaters.. too many assholes talking though the movie, no beer, and no pause button if I have to go take a leak. Plus I am a smoker, and like to smoke, drink, fart, and pee during any given two hour time span.

So my little droogie woogs and frizzy malchicks, my quest for you, is to pester Nix until he goes and watching it in the theater, and reports back here as to what he saw.. I will be putting my name on the list at netflix as soon as I can.. and will likewise review it.. if it is good (or bad) enough to bother with.

That’s all for now.. this is DeRex wishing you all a happy fuck.


NixEclips said...

First, I hate people that yell about stupid shit and shit I had nothing to do with.

Next, and most importantly, let's talk about that big-ass gorilla.

Yes, you're correct. I love the original King Kong. I used to own the special VHS edition where you could press his chest and he roared at you. It included the scenes that were edited for the original release (Kong chewing on natives, stomping on them, tearing of the lovely Ms. Ray's clothes).

The Dino De Laurentis remake was terrible. But it's good for many laughs. Suprisingly, I've grown fond of it over the years. Although that ridiculous full-size animatronic Kong looks so retarded. But if you want a truly hilarious Kong flick you have to see King Kong Lives, also by Dino. GIANT HEART SURGERY AND GORILLA LOVE!!!! There ya go.

The new Kong is directed by one of my favorite directors. I've been a fan of Peter Jackson since I was around 12 or so. Bad Taste, Dead Alive, Meet the Feebles, The Frighteners. Then he hit the jackpot with Lord of the Rings. This guy has a passion for Kong. He tried to get it made in the 90's, but Godzilla and Mighty Joe Young scared the studio off.

So, yes, you bastards. I'll catch it on the big-screen as soon as I am able. And let lazy fucks like DeRex know how it is.

Nix says: BTW, it's not 2 hours, it's 3. So plug a catheter in you urethra and bring your smokeless cigarettes. heheh.

DelorumRex said...

your rocky horror moment...

Frankenfurter:(sung) What ever happend to Fay Ray?
Audience: (shouted) She got fucked by a 40 foot ape with a 20 foot extention!

Nix you are one sick bastard.. I vote committed..

Anonymous said...

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