Monday, December 12, 2005

new game for the Xbox 360.. find Daffy Teo

YEs, the latests and perhaps greatest of the xbox 360 games is roumored to be just on the horizon.
"Find Daphne Teo"

In this game you will surf from blog to blog trying to put together a collection of bizare adn somtimes vague clues all in an attempt to find Daphne Teo.

Once you spot DT then the fun really begins..
In a flashback to Mario Bros, days, the action switches from 3-d to right to left scroll, your misson then becomes one of smacking DT upside the head with your spam log, until she is unconcious. if you fail to slap her with your meat wand enough to knock her out, she wil drop out of play for a few months adn you have to play with your meatstick all by yourself.

If however you can knock her more sensless than a stripper at a rohipnal convention, you then can drag her off into "Make nice land" wher eshe will be repeatly assaulted by pressed meat product, until she admits she is just another twit on the road to being an ex-twit of any fame.

Cheats: If you enter Xaixue in as your player name int he beginning of the game, you go instantly to where DT is and whip her ass.

If you type your player name in as Dawn Yang, you instantly get a huge contract with M-TV and DT's head explodes in envy.

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