Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tookie WIlliams is Dead.

I feel a bit like a click vulture, by writing anything at all about the late Tookie Williams.

Let me say for my critics, that I am against the taking of life in any form.

Tookie WIlliams was convicted of shooting 4 people to death. I am against that.
The state of California has now executed Tookie WIlliams. I am against that, to a much lesser degree, that that of the orriginal crime. (I have commone sense, unlike may of hte people that have come out on either side of the issue)

What was done to Tookie Williams, was as humane as any killing can be, I find that the ultimate crime is that our system is so slow that it took 25 years to get around to doing him in. I hear that many "Life Sentenses" are not 25 years in length when served with good behavior. That's just wrong.

What we have is a broken system, it would be nice to think that there is a way to keep the Tookie Williams' of the world from ever killing, but if history is to be out guage, there will always be ruthless killers amongst us.
So what is a society to do? Support the ruthless by housing them away from civilization until the end of their natural lives? Kill them quickly?

This is a question that only society on a whole can answer, and my opinion about the justice or injustice that was done to Tookie and to the four he killed, should not matter one bit.

I am just glad that I do not have to servce ona jury for a death penelty case... I do not know if I could allow through my actions a live to be taken away. ......

But let's be honest shall we? Let's say that a Tookie williams out ther ehad killed a few of my family members, and then joked about the gurgling sounds that they made as they died.. I would be calling for thier head.

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