Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Politics as usual.. why do I do it to myself???

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Today I took an hour for lunch, I usually take only 30 minutes, but today I was pissed off, so I milked an extra half hour. (I got my annual review, and I think it was crap.. but that’s another story)

Anyway, back to lunch, I had a delicious Arby’s Chicken / Bacon thing.. very tasty.

My lunch ran from roughly 11:30 to 12:30
I spent the first half hour listening to conservative talk radio hose Glenn Beck.

The second half was dedicated to Thom Hartman (liberal) and Rush Limbaugh (channel surfing back and forth)

Both to a degree talked about similar news stories, and both had 180 degree opposed opinions on these stories.

It is like reading from the Republican and Democrat playbooks.. same talking points, different spin..
One or the other is lying.. and I find this the case on nearly every issue.
I do not have insider information, so it is up to me as the listening to decide who is being truthful and who is bullshitting me.

When I have had third party confirmation, to date neither have done real well.

Because both parrot the voices and sound bite from their respective political camps (Democrat or Republican) with only a few notable exceptions. One has to then extend the bullshitometer readings onto their parties.. in other words Dems and Reps are FULL OF SHIT!

Politics like news is all about the ratings, and drama sells..
Well in News I only want the truth and facts, not speculation and drama, and to an even greater degree I expect the same from elected officials.

Fox news was not the inventor of the ratings system for news, but has learned to master it, with drama and suspense, and full on fiction when it suits a story’s purpose., and the same can be most modern politicians.

Lets face facts, and fact are, that facts generally are pretty boring. Add a little build up, a little drama and some name calling, and viola’ you got any Washington insiders next sound bite, or the top of the hour lead over at Fox.

I know that as an American I feel like I have no choice, I like many of you, vote for the lesser of two evils , if I even bother to vote.

What we need, is a third party, one that actually respects out rights as individuals, and is not all about getting their buddies rich, so they can in turn provide funds for the next election, or that has an interest in keeping us poor and wanting, so as to insure a strong voter base in an upcoming election.. and if you do not think this describes the two parties we currently have, you need to go wash your head.

Sure trickle down works, so does trickle up, but for these fuckers it is all about the power base (and the heaps of cash a high profile political career guarantees these days with books and speaking engagements.. (above and beyond the out and out theft and corruption)

I went looking, looking for the alternative party that will be the least invasive, into my life and my freedoms.
And I came to the conclusion that the Libertarian party has the most promise right now.
Fast forward 200 years and they may be as corrupt and power/money hungry as the rest , but for now, I think that the LP has something to offer as an alternative.

The LP needs to work on it’s image. But in this time of no political party having a good image, the opportunity may never be better for a full court press.. by any alternative party.

If you are interested I recommend that you go to the Libertarian Parties official website

Read past what you have been told about the LP,, look at the whole picture, and into the real meat of the party. Like all political parties of any success, they are for or against more than just the flash-point issues. You may find that like, I did, you find them to be a breath of fresh air.

If given the opportunity I will vote LP in 2006 and 2008. I for one am ready for a change.

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