Thursday, December 15, 2005

Iraq Votes, and Kong is King! and other random acts of Lunacy and a transvestite for good measure.

On this , what has been called Iraq’s Birthday, we must ask ourselves, the one burning question that is on everybody’s mind.

How long will it take Nix to go see King Kong?

As Frankenfurter sang..
“What ever happened to Faye Ray?
That delicate satin draped frame…

…as it clung to her thighs,
how I started to cry…
‘cause I wanted to be dressed just the same.

Give yourself over, to absolute pleasure.
Swim the warm waters
Of sins of the flesh
Erotic nightmares,
Beyond any measure

And sensual daydreams to treasure forever…”

I for one can see it.. who ho hooooooo…..

(Hey waiter theirs a transvestite in my soup!)

I was thinking gof posting a want ad here..
Something like
Wanted: Woman to bear my children.
Must look okay in latex, and have no need to chase me for child support of be an emotion burden for the rest of my live.

But then I decided that I could afford a little child support.

Today, is really kinda crappy, it is about 33 degrees outside and the snow is melting, which is okay in my book, but it is dark and gray.. and is kinda putting me in the dumps.

Also my annual job review was done yesterday, and it was not overly pretty.
No not because I spend so much time talking to you fuckers, but rather because my boss, is too lazy to ask around about all the things I do here.

In the end I got a 4% C.O.L raise.

I wonder what he gave himself?

So it appears from his inaccurate assessment of my day to day tasks, that I need to do more blowing my(self) horn in front of him, and less actual work of substance.
I hate office politics more than Governmental Politics.

I just don’t see why it should be necessary. But then I remember that the world is occupied with two types of people, those that run around shitting on everyone, and those of us, that try to turn the other cheek.. so we get a nice even layer of shit on both sides.

I am getting sick and fucking tired of always turning the other cheek.

So yes, my boss is an out of touch, inconsiderate cock sucker. I need to go back to working for myself.. I wonder if that opportunity in short dicked porn is still available?

So if anyone out there wants to have my child.. email me at
Otherwise bugger off!

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