Monday, December 12, 2005



I have been eaten up this morning with thoughts for this post.
I know that words (well any that I can put together) will not express the complexity of the thoughts that are in my head and behind my motivation to write this.

Let me start with this.
Memories, and past events.
In Quantum physics we are taught, that to observe a thing changes a thing. Also we are taught that no two people (observers) can observe a same thing.
Think of it like this.
An event happens.
Standing around the event are 27 observers, all in a circle. No two of the 27 will have an exactly same memory of that event. The perspectives are different.
No add to that , this.
History, is not constant.
What is history? History is a perception of past events. Not only can no two persons observe the same event, exactly alike, you then have to add (because we are talking about human perceptions) the fact that over time the perception of the event will change, through influences internal and external.

So looking back on an event that occurred 20 years ago, is anything but remembering actual events.
The perspectives are going to be different and there is nothing you or I can do to change that.
So what really happened? Because there is no conclusive way to prove what actually transpired, there is no event. It therefore needs to be kept out of the equation hat is life.

WTF??!?!? You may be saying.. to you I say bollocks.

Living in the past, is equivalent to living in a fantasy. Living in the future is equivalent to living in a fantasy. Perhaps this is why the Buddhists live more in the now than any other group, when tested.

What happened in the past is a non-event. How your perception of the past effects your now is it’s only power.

We all have pasts, filled with beauty and with ugliness, I hope that this message touches the ones I have loved in the past and as a result still love today (love is eternal ya know), what you and I were in the past means no more than someone’s speculation about what we will be in the future. It is what we are now, that matters. If the road that got us to where we are was rough, and unpleasant, it was what was needed to shape us , and only our perception of the path can change.
Look deeply into your now, remember that you are loved, and think only about the positive outcome of past events, as nothing else exists.

Continuing.. on this strange brain candy of a post..

Hurt: I was once told, by a very wise person that “Nothing conceived in love can come to an evil purpose”.

I hope that is true.

Sidebar: See even after however many words above, the feeling behind this post is still in my heart and head and not on this blog.
Some people tell me I am a great communicator, I say “NO!”. If I were so great, the people that I care about would know that I care about them. The people who I have harmed by accident would know that my intention was not that of hurt.. the people that I have only ever wanted happiness for would know that , is all I wanted.. but still human perception and my inability to communicate on a level above these simplistic words and paragraphs keeps this brass ring of true understanding just outside of reach, and grasp.

I cannot be sure how long this post will stay up.. it is my attempt to sort out the thoughts and emotions of resent events, as is most of this blog.

I do not expect that it will be fully understood by it’s target audience, so I am sure it will be a complete mystery to those it was not written for.

One of the wonders of blogging, you can always ask for a do-over.
I wish life were the same.

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Anonymous said...

You are an outstanding human being. You will always remain in a beautiful space in my heart. I love you. And thanks.
From an old friend, you know who.