Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Dueling Reviews of ALL THAT JAZZ! (Nixie, he ain't heavy)

Dear readers.. if you have been with us for very long, you will know that Good Old Nixeclips and I have been trying to put together a case of Dueling Reviews, an the Movie
All That Jazz..

You may also remember my not so favorable review as posted here . Random thoughts random spellings (Reviews of life): All That Jazz (Reviews of Movies that Suck)

Now BEHOLD! Nix has come through with his review.. see it at.. Nix drops his cock and grabs a sock review of all that Jazz.

"The movie opens brilliantlyy with a blaring musical cue and the title in lights. And then cuts to our "hero" coughing and hacking and starting his day. We then cut to an extensive audition scene set to an excellentt rendition of "On Broadway". These show that Broadwayy and dance isn't all glamour. That was quite striking. They're cut and composed with a style that keep it interesting and never boring. And most importantly, it sets up the character of Joe Gideon, the stand in for Mr. Fosse himself".

My rebuttalle..
Nix you ignorant slut! (I have been waiting for weeks to write that!)
After reading your review I almost wanted to go out rent this movie and watch it again! FUCKME!
After my first viewing, I saw all the things you saw, I saw the symbolism and the deeper meanings, and still I felt like I had been gang banged it the dark and not even kissed.

Perhaps, the measure to which all "true movie people" are held against should be all that jazz?
I thought I appreciatedated "Art" films, and the less than mainstream "deep" movies, but now I am convinced that I am an open mouth breathing, window licking, Philistine, who should stick with movies with no deeper meaning that that of perhaps, Terminator.. I feel so popular right now, and need to take a shower.

Nix you did a good job, but let it ride conscience heavy, that you may have made some unwitting young turk actualy watch this abortion of a tribute to showtunes. (well at least to us, the Mongoloid Masses) ...
Well done friend,
I'm Sickskull and he's Eggbert, and we're brining you the movies.. sorta'


NixEclips said...

Thank you for the back-handed praise.

I'll *ack!* purchase Darkness Falls for the next round. I fucking hate that movie. Hate, hate, fucking hate that movie.

Nix says: ATJ isn't for everyone, obviously, but it's a well crafted film.

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