Monday, December 12, 2005

Tookie WIlliams. Mixed emotons.

Damn death penalty cases, I could never sit on a jury in a death penalty case.
I believe that there is a place for the death penalty.. for politicians and traitors.

Have tookie's good deeds been enough to over come the states wish to kill him?

If the death penalty was carried out in a timely manner woudl we be having this discussion>? No tookie would already be dead.

I have heard one notable talk radio host say, htat ever if tookie did good since his incarceration, that the gang he founded (co-founded) has killed enough innocent people to more than make up for it, and that tookie shoudl be executed with all expediance. (Perhaps)

Personaly , for Tookie WIlliams, I wish a stay of execution, not because i believe his statements that he is innocent, I don;t know enough about the details of hte case to have any opinion on his guilt, or innocens. But because for once, tax dollars are paying to maintain the life or a criminal, and we as a society are seeing dividends from his being alive. (Through his anti-gang works)

I hope that Gov. Arnold, sees it in his heart to issue a stay for Tookie Williams.

If not, Tookie, know that in your death a valuabel message can be shared with the youth that may be drawn towards a life of crime, and that in that message, your life will not have been in vein.

God bless you and Keep you.

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