Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Blog SPam Alert..

I just got this as a comment.

At 9:52 AM, Antonio Hicks said...
i was just browsing through the blog world searching for the keyword posters and it brought me to your site. You have a great site however it is not exactly what i was looking for. Good luck on your site. sincerely, antonio.
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Well seems antonio has a ton of blogs.. and you know what to do.. go post a comment or several that make little or no sence in his comments.

Be sure to put a link to your blog or this blog or some pron site just for fun..

I think my post will look like this.
I was browsing the blogosphere and came here looking for the keyword spammer. But what I was really looking for turned out to be Hairy Wood Peckers. Good Luck and enjoy Kat Furnishings and Highway Safety.

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