Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Kara Borden aka Young love.. ain’t it fubar! and Young Love Part II

Young love.. ain’t it fubar!

I keep hearing stories about the 14 year old girl who lost her parents to a couple shots in the head delivered by her 18 year old boyfriend.
I have to wonder what led up to that!
I can well imagine that the parents of a 14 year old girl would be a bit bent out of shape over an 18 year old boyfriend.
Who wants to bet that she asked the boyfriend to kill them? And he in a hormonal rage did it.. (damn idiot!)

I can remember being 18 and I do not think that 14 year old girls much had my attention.. I was more into the collage aged chicks by then.. but I remember being 18 and having raging hormones.. I can remember being younger and having girlfriends that I would have done nearly anything for (I don’t think homicide would have been on that list.. but thank god none of them ever asked me to kill someone!)

Young love part II

In the last week, I have been reminded of many of my first loves.
I ran into a friend who saw her name here on this blog, and she sent me an email.. and she has all these photos of our little clique’ included are half of the women I “loved” then.

There is this one that has always stuck out in my mind.. her name is Debbie.
Debbie had me so wrapped.. she could have asked me to do anything.. and I would have obeyed. I was perhaps 16 when I dated her.. but even to this date, I can remember her kisses. She had the softest mouth.. if there was ever a kiss to kill or die for they would be hers!

I can't say it was "love at first sight", but it was definetly "love at first kiss" for me.

Funny we were so young then.. too bad really, I at times wish I had met her about 10 years later in life,, I would have again done anything for those kisses but been prepared to offer a life to live to her.

As I remember her, she was very small in stature, and had a crooked and mischievous grin, that melted my heart every time I saw it. She had large dark eyes, that had an inner fire that is just too hard to put into words. Smart and funny and loving and tender… all the things you hope that your “spouse” will be. She also had a WILD side, and oh how wonderful it was! I do not know if I have ever had a more adventurous lover.. or for that matter a lover that made me feel more loved.

I look back at what may be the first half of my life, and wonder if the second half will ever hold a kiss like hers. I hope it does.

I have felt lust, innumerable times, and true love a very few times, but she was perhaps the best and first.
I hope that she has all the things that this world can offer.. and more.

Funny after all these years, I still “love” her. Perhaps the lust has died, but that deep feeling of love, that involves the body, mind and soul is still strong when I think of her.

So who knows, maybe all of the doubters from way back then who said, that we were too young to know what love was, were wrong. Perhaps young love, can be sustained over decades or even lifetimes. Debbie, wherever you are, know that you are truly loved… still.


OptyMyst said...

i do understand that love. have one of my own old loves, who married and had five kids, while i married a jerk and acquired/had 5 kids. got rid of the jerk and found the best partner ever, for the past 8 years. i bet yours is out there, too.

DelorumRex said...

oh don;t get me wrong.. my wife is a good find.. even if I do bitch about her in public.. hell she threw a drink at me that last time we were out in a bar. so to bitch at (about) her here.. well that just makes us even.. hehehe.

What fun would it be to read about my love of my current wife.. (yawn).. young love in this day of the Natural Born Killer wanna be Kara Bordon.. or whatever her name is.. now that''s excitment!

Debbie said...

1/4/2006: Oh my god... I am crying at work. What an incredible post. I have never had anyone say anything like that to me or about me, ever. You have swept me off my feet. Your words, your thoughts, your love is melting me. Thank you so much for feeling that way about me. It feels awesome to be felt that way about. I am very lucky that you found me so that you could tell me how you still feel after these twenty years. You are so special and you have such a special place in my heart. You were my first love, and all others have been compared to you... in every way imaginable.

1/5/2006: After I left the office yesterday, while I was taking my friend to her doctor's appointment, she kept talking to me and I kept hearing nothing because all I could seem to think about or concentrate on was that post that you wrote about me and the e-mail that you followed up with telling me that you have thought those things so many times that I would never be able to count them all.

I saw a movie about this once where a couple fell in love with each other, but their timing never seemed to work out for them. If he was unmarried, then she was happily married. If she widowed, then he was married with a newborn on the way. If he later got divorced, then she was remarried. But at the end of the movie, even after a lifetime of distance and separation, and only periodic visits along the way, they still never stopped loving each other. Perhaps that will be us. Maybe when we are old and withered away, we will finally have our second chance.

As you wrote in your e-mail to me... "Here's to being with you again when we're 80."

DelorumRex said...

I still love you... even after my stroke... I know now that she has all that life can give.

Good for you!
Love ya,