Thursday, November 17, 2005

Movie watched.. will I review it?

My fellow blogger Nix and I have been trying to do a dueling review of "All that Jazz" a movie he likes and I think I will hate. But I have thus far been unable to find it, at my local rent a movie store.. BallBuster. I have not given up on it, adn plan to scour the city looking for a copy this weekend.. (don't give up on my Nix)

But last night I got home and my wife had brough home "Stealth" and "The Skeleton Key" seeing how I believe "Stealth" will be shit, I watch ed Skelleton Key.. and I liked it.. so I am hoping that Nix will have seen it and will have hated it.. then we can at least have a pratice run of dueling reviewers before the bg show down .. All THat Jazz.. (puke)

So NIxie.. whattaya say? Seen it .. like it? THink I am a tool?


NixEclips said...

Seeing as how I have been on the road for over 2 weeks, now, I am shit-poor. Broke as fuck. So, I am entertaining myself with my 'top and movies I've already seen. I'm interested in seeing Skeleton Key, though.

Nix says: Netflix, bitch.

DelorumRex said...

You will like it.. I will save my review until after you have seen it. I want to blow the ending for everyone.. well sort of.. muhahahaha!