Wednesday, November 16, 2005

first snow..

I knew it was coming, but I am not ready for it.. the first snow is falling.. burrrrrrrrrr

Why do I live in this the Seventh Level of Dante's Hell?

I think it is because deep inside, I hate myslef.. and I like to punish myself for sins both real and percieved.

Or it could be because the money ain't bad.

I think anyone that lives north of the Mason Dixon Line should have they head washed.

Anyone south of it.. well I will let you insert your own joke here.

So for the next 6 months i will shiver and have a chronic case of swimmer's dick.. (remember the shrinkage episode of sinefield.. well cold air does it to!)

It wouldn't be so bad if I had not lived once in Paridise.. 88 degree average year round temps.. sunny.. a light shower every afternoon to break up the monotony.. hot and cold running bikinis every day of the week.. wheeeeewwweee!

Now.. Mukluks in November.. and Battel Ship Gray skies for months on end.. perhpas this really is hell.. just enough nice to show you what your missing..

nah Hell is other people.. and they are everywhere.. oh well.. looks like i hibernate for a few months.. then it will be .. umm ..aaahhh what do you call that season that comes after "snow".. I remember.. you have Snow and you have August. that's it.


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