Thursday, November 17, 2005

well I feel better.. I think I am learning how to get people's attention

well I feel better.. I think I am learning how to get people's attention Today I learned more about technorati and about RSS feeds and even email feeds.

If you have a blog and have been wondering how to get it in front of people, I may have figured it out for us.

I will let the stat clicker go for a day or two before I announce that I have done it.. but everything at this point looks positive.

I have to say that blogging has become a bit of an obsession for me, it is a good damn thing that I am super slow at work right now.. that will change in about two weeks, I will miss spattering my random thoughs at you.. you may be saying thank the gods he is going to be working all day rather than blogging, but I really think I will miss it.

So lets recap a little can we?
I have two other blogs, one is
Here I catalogue all the things I have done or am doing to make money using my computer and online service.. pretty straight forward I think.
The email syndication and RSS feed (if I get around to putting it on there) should help draw attention.

My other is You see I have affiliate programs with a large number of companies, I place their ads on websites and in return earn small commissions from them. Some of the deals that they promote are really pretty damn good, so if I see something that I like and think is a good deal, I post the ad there, but this also includes places that I know are legitimate and that offer free or inexpensive things. Like

So hey enjoy my blogs, aren’t, free speech and the free exchange of ideas wonderful!

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