Thursday, November 17, 2005

Swapping links for those of us that are just starting to blog.. get noticed.. we hope blog link swapping.

One of the best ways to get your blog or webpage noticed, is to have links out in the web or blogosphere that point back to you.
There are really three ways to do this, one is to write really good content, or be a singapora hottie like Dawn Yang or Xaxaiu or any other number of new HOTTER THAN LIFE bloggarinas.. or lastly BEG..

Seeing how I am a middle-aged fat bald guy who can’t write well or type accurately, that leaves me with begging.

So how do you beg for links.. one technique is to just be forthright about it, like this.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE link to my blog
Please.. pretty please.. pretty please with sugar on it?

Then you can beg by making it fun.. like this..
Please cut and paste this code into your blog, it will link back here and I would really appreciate it.

The link will look like this.

A goofy buggers random blog about not much more than stuff that amuses him.. go give the poor wanker a visit This poor fellows blog is proof that random thoughts and random spellings go hand in hand.

Or you can beg like this…

Please put a link to this blog on your blog or website. The URL is
Title Random Thoughts Random Spellings, Reviews of Life.
Description is: Random thoughts and spellings, all sorts of interesting things about modern life and about nothing at all.

If you would be so kind as to add a link to here on your site or blog, I will be happy to do the same, one hand washing the other like.
Just post a link to me on your blog, then leave a comment here saying that you did , and where I can find it. I will make you a star.. or at least post a link to you here at

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OptyMyst said...

BEGGING! myOHHmy. okie dokie. i will swap links with you. :)