Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Comment spam whattayagonna do about it? Help .. I don' need no stinking help..

Comment spam whattayagonna do about it?

Okay comment spam.. I think it sucks.. it is a way for wankers to get their link out and hopefully make their websites.. most of which are absolute crap. Seem more important to the search engines.

It is an art called SEO or search engine optimization. Seems search engines like google will see your sight as more important if you have lots of links out on the web pointing back to it. As a result they will post your site higher in the rankings for certain keywords used to describe the link.

So if I make my link say “Blog about the proper use of the English language and spelling techniques.” Each of those words becomes a keyword pointing to my blog.. yep a search for “proper spelling” could bring you here ! HA!!! If there are then 1000 links with the keywords “proper spelling” or “proper and spelling” used in them that point here, Google’s bots will think that this must be the place for proper spelling. It is called google bombing… that is also the primary reason that if you type “miserable failure” into google you will get GW. Bush’s site and also will find That fat feringheit 911 guy’s site too.. people used the key words “miserable failure” when they posted links to those sites on their websites.

I get very tempted to make links with bizarre keyword combinations for these websites, that spam here, but then they only get one more link.. so what is a poor boy to do? Me I just try to make fun of them, and if I am angry about something I vent it at them.. it is good to get that kind of emotion off the chest.

It would be funny to have them pop up in search engines whenever someone typed in “spammer” so I tend to if I make a link back to them put the word spammer in the link.. and I also will go to their blogs and leave my link with a group of random words, like they tend to do.. so I guess all is fair.. and who am I to say that they can’t make a living spamming the web with their cat furnishing’s website url?

So to help self promote.. here is my link for you
Proper Spelling Blog of Huge Kitty Litter, and Enormous Numa Numas

For those of you that may want to promote this blog with the same code I just used here is the code.. feel free to paste it into your HTML.. or that of others.. hehehe.

Peace pass it on..

DeRex Says.. I wanna snuggle.. sure I do.


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agategoddess said...

Oh dear god, that's too funny. Your post, then a spam comment...I think I just peed myself laughing! Bwa ha ha

Anonymous said...

See the marvels of the unverse.
University studies show that spammers have no nuts.