Thursday, November 17, 2005

Dawn Yang.. or Yao or whatever.. who cares..

Alright to be with the in crowd I will now make my last Dawn Yang (Yao) post..

What;'s the fuss about? So she is a beautiful 19 year old girl from singapore with a blog.. and as a result she got her 15 minutes of fame.. good for her!

I have seen her photos, I think she is very attrractive and so do many others.. so what?

I hope she makes a Brazillian Dollars from her efforts, and I hope that hte rest of those out there in Blogoshpereland do to.

I guess, that Dawn Yang posts reveile somthing about the poster? Some are just mean people, some are supportive, and some are just horney.. but like me when you write about her, no matter what your intention is, the more you post about her, the more her name gets out, and the more I admire her for finding a niche' and the longer her run of success will be.

Dawn Yang (Yao) I say, good for you.. now show me them titties.

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