Thursday, November 17, 2005 cool...

Actually is cold.. cold like me.

I look out of my office window this morning to nearly 8 inches of snow.. well that will be the only thing 8" and white in my office.. at least until it gets warmer.

Optmyst had suggested that i turn on word varification to cut doen on blog comment spam.. and i have thought about it.. but really I like having spammers to rant about.. it helps me get all that frustrated middle-aged white guy shit outta my system... and spammers have no soul so I don't feel bad making fun of them.

Of course I feel sorry most of all for you my readers.. now that my fingers are numb with cold, I am sure that my typing will be EVEN WORSE! So to those of you brave enough to hack through teh typos.. and my lack of will when it comes to speel chucker.. I raise my glass of nog and say.. May your buildings go condo! SALUTE!


OptyMyst said...

LOLOL! okie dokie. keep up the span war. maybe i can quit obsessing about icky teens long enough to find a true hobby, too. hehe.

DelorumRex said...

think about all the times in yor life that you wanted to call somone a Philistine.. and then when you see a spammer, LET EM HAVE IT! It makes up for all those lost opertunites to tell somone how you really felt.. and it's good for the blood pressure.

As far as obsessing with icky teens, it's the hot thing to do in the world of bloggerdom today.. tomarrow who knows.. so ride the wave... they do not deserve the attention that they are getting, but you might as well share in the glory while you can.
Theo one that kills me is OSM Open Source Media.. that one I don;t get even a little.. I think that if you knew enough people in the bloggosphere, you coudl promote nearly anything and get front page attention these days.. I have been trying to hatch an evil plan based on that premis.. you may be asked to post somthing about a word that I make up, just to see if it can be done.