Friday, November 18, 2005

well ain't that a Murtha!

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This link will allow you to watch the video of the suicide bombings.

Republican John Murtha Dem. with tears in his eyes called for the immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq.
He has been a proponent of the war, and is a Vietnam vet.

At one point he even said on record that the Draft should be instated for the war.
Now the worm has turned.

The American public, while thought of as blood thirsty, with our movies , music videos, and media, do not have the stomach for war.
No group of civilians really does have the stomach for a "War of aggression" and as a democracy this means that the US. is not a good place to start a war, that is seen as an act of aggression from.

To me this says that there is hope for our people, if not for our government.

Sure I am a peacenik, so what!
I believe in a strong defense, but also that it should be used for DEFENSE not offense!

The President did his best to sell this as a war that was needed to secure our liberty, I for one had a hart time believing it, but stated, that I would wait and see, if any of the rhetoric turned out to be true. I now believe that it was a snow job.

I believe that the invasion of Afghanistan was a good thing, and done with the proper intent, I feel that the war in Iraq is another story, and one that points to a president and administration waging a war of aggression against a sovereign power. Something that this country should never do if not 100% justified.

Now we have destabilized the area to the point, that I fear in 10 or 15 years, we will be looking back at the days of Saddam as “the good old days”.

If nothing else he kept Iran in check, now without him there to keep the admittedly more fanatical government of Iran in their place, I fear we will be in the region fighting for decades to come.

G.W. Called this a Crusade, I think he sees himself as some Grand Knight Templar.. I see him as perhaps the worst president in history.. and I am a fucking conservative.. way to go GW you douche bag!


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