Wednesday, September 28, 2005

another day another 100,000,000 dollars..I can make you rich too!

well, another work day will soon be in the books.. and I still have not made my first billion.. damned if I know why..

Here is the real answer.. I have no special talents.. can't sing, got about a 3" vert and my face would never make it in movies or TV..
I have no special education.. although I once was told that I needed Special Ed...

If you want to make your Billion.. you will need to have a spectacular talent.. or a spectacular education, and probably to get to a Billion you will need both.

Me, I am actually pretty satisfied with my station in life.. sure I would like to have more.. but really I am pretty happy.
I have as a hobby, done a number of things to make a little extra money along the way, and some were actually pretty successful.

The internet and making money on the internet is my latest and longest lived hobby.. I will admit I am not making much at it right now.. I am not interested in paying anyone else to "help me , get rich quick" so I am self educating.

I urge each of you to continue to educate yourselves.. even if it is a study of something that will never make you a dime.
You will be a better person for the knowledge, and who knows, maybe you will get a chance to share that knowledge with someone special, and even change their life.

SO go read a book, read a website that gives information.. become an "expert" at something! Your life will be richer for it, I promise.

Now perhaps we will get back to the silly stuff.
Pass it on.

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