Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I’m stoopid.. and you might be stoopid too..

I’m stoopid.. and you might be stoopid too..

Okay I admit it, I am stupid! I bought into the media hype about the hurricanes and even gave until it hurt.

But upon reflection, I remembered that every news story I have been directly involved in has been, for the most part fiction.

Even the most accurate story, Hurricane Andrew, the media either underplayed, or so overplayed, that sitting in the middle of the destruction, one was driven to feel sorry for those poor people.

These storms, made it even more clear that the News is entertainment, and entertainment only. I mean I hear Farracon (sp) getting play for his Blown up levy theory, and have to laugh, I hear Keayn West (sp) say that George Bush hates black people, and something about giving them orders to “shoot us”.. come on people.. does anyone really buy into this bullshit?

Then I hear that GW will be giving citizenship to Hispanic Illegals, to repair and repopulate the gulf coast.. this has to be fiction.. it just has to be.

How about the Hurricane machine, that steered Katrina and Rita towards the gulf coast to, a. drive up oil prices, and b. kill poor black people.

This is all a sad joke.. played on us, by people who have a political ax to grind, and/or. want higher ratings.

I say now, don’t give a nickel to Hurricane relief not one nickel. Screw all of the people that lived in a flood zone, screw the state and local government that is just going to blow our money anyway, and screw the federal government too.. cause no mater what they do it will cost to much and just end up as somebody’s political hay.

If you want to help an effected person, do it on a one on one basis, but for the most part, screw them all.. it is not my fault that they lived in a place that was doomed.. I have moved because I did not like the weather in a place.. do you think I would stick around in a place that is a disaster waiting to happen?

You might say, what about the poor.. well screw them too.. I did not make them poor.. get a frickin’ job.

What about those who can’t work.. well.. I have to work, I feel like shit some days doing it.. don’t tell me the majority of those poor sombitches could not do something to benefit society! I ain’t buying it.
What about the disabled? What about them? If the government was supporting them, in this place, where disaster was a matter of when and not if.. screw them too.. let the government feel bad about their bad decisions, but stay out of my wallet!

What if something like this happens to me/ To my family? Well I won’t look to the government for any entitlement, that’s for sure.. and what if that decision kills me.. well I guess that is Darwin at his finest isn’t it?

Time to kill the weak, to make room for the strong.. (including Al Shitforbrains Sharpten!)

(see I am doing it again, saying shit to get your attention.. it’s all about ratings…)

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