Friday, September 30, 2005

TIKA update +

Well day three or is it four? damn it has beena strange week.. TIka seems to be coming around! She is still a little wobbly and wants all of the affection available.. but her "tail is healthy" her apitite is good, adn she actually likes the taste of the pills.. go figure.. I though I would have to wrestle them down her, adn all I need to do is put them in her food, then she picks them out and eats them first.. could this be a sign that i need o change foods? If atnibiots tasts better than your food.. there may be a problem..
well 'nuff for now.. I am going to try adn figure out why one of my posts has no text.. it is there, but it appears to be the wsame color as the background.. even after I tell it to make it black>??
Peace, pass it on... now go mispell somthign!

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