Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Solving America's Energy Problem part II. (thanks to Glenn Beck)

Solving America's Energy Problem part II.

(idea gleened from Glenn Beck)
Okay what ever happened to Nuclear energy?
The father of the Global Warming theory saw Nuclear Energy as our only salvation... so why haven't we built a new plant in 30 years?

Read the October Issue of Popular Mechanics, and look at the "Where are they Now Section" in and amongst the energy articles.

Is it really the unknown danger to future generations posed by the waste from Nuclear plants? Or is it just not politically correct to make nukes not love?

There are areas of the planet that are geographically stable, and will more than likely be geographically stable for the next 100,000 years (the rough amount of time it take for spent rods to decay), why don't we make a big bunch of plants in , lets say South Dakota? Where there are not a lot of people? And hook them to the national grid? When the rods are spent, bury them in South Dakota.. How about Utah? Nevada? Places we have already made a nuclear waste of?

I bet that the Nevada State Government could start building plants if they chose.. and then they could really power Las Vegas on the cheap! Fall out? Heck build them underground to start with..
There is a lot of wasteland in Nevada and South Dakota now, Lets make use of it!

How about, wind, well wind is expensive, coal is polluting, and we all hate foreign dependency on Fossil Fuels.. even though we probably have enough oil in the states now to get us over the hum until we can perfect cold fusion or whatever alternative fuel source.

Let's get behind the Nuke Plant movement.. and while we build them lets start drilling in CO, UT and AK..

I have spoken with a Psychologist, attached to the US Borough of Indian Affairs in Alaska, he says, that we could drill the ANWR and the Natives would only benefit from it.. the money, the prostitution and the jobs it would bring! (in and out of prostitution)

So I say Screw the Caribou! Did you read about the Rein Deer that attacked those poor people in Finland? Well guess what a reindeer Dan a Caribou are the same animal.. save a Fin drill the ANWR!

And if nobody wants a Nuke Plant in their back yard, the government should arrange to sell to me a few square miles of Nevada, or South Dakota, and then I will say.. "hey.. put that plant in my back yard!" They can put it in the middle of my back yard, and I will tell all the hippie protestors to keep off my property if they show up to protest.

Next week.. "harvesting the magical energy of pot".. you won't want to miss that!

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