Monday, September 26, 2005

Road trip scheduled for today.. getting old

Road trip scheduled for today.. getting old.

Today I will do something I used to enjoy a great deal, I will go on a 300 mile road trip. When I was younger I used to enjoy these little times on the road, to reflect on life, and plan my next great adventure. Now however, I am getting older, and after about 3 hours in the car, I am getting stiff and cranky.

So how do you over come the , "JESUS MY BACK hurts" roadtrip blues?
I have tried music, upbeat, downbeat, and side beat.. nope.. still wanna take a nap after about hour no. 3.
Books on tape.. yep, I like them, especially on long trips, but membership is expensive ($365 / yr) for our local BOT store.

Coffee.. has no effect on me at this point..

Driving real fast.. too risky (god I am getting old)

So I am at an impasse.. please help me, by posting your suggestions for long road trips.. the life you save, may be any one of the trees along the road on my path to and from my destination.

Until later, I will be sleeping soundly at 70 mph.

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