Thursday, September 29, 2005

Evolution vs. Intelligent design...

Evolution vs. Intelligent design.. I have the answer!

Evolution.. though the miracle of chemistry, complex molecules formed in the primordial sea.. these molecules came together to form even more complex molecules, including amino acids...then there was the first single cell photosynthesizing algae.. some time later, there were single cell animals.. bacteria through mutation and chance with a little luck.. complex plants and animals started to form.. then there was man ,, and he screwed it all up.. then end.

Intelligent design: A being far superior to ourselves.. got tired of pulling rabbits out of hats for his fellow highly intelligent beings, so he created Earth, or the universe of life in an already existing universe. And all of his highly intelligent friends said “wow neat trick” and it was good.

Later, he looked back in on his creation, and the processes he had set into play when he created the earth, or universe, or life.. and he saw that man was screwing it all up.. so (perhaps) he sent his only begotten son to save us, or at least let us know that we were messing everything up big time.. and man being the intelligently designed being that he is, killed the son.. and all of man said.. "wow that can’t be a good thing, I bet that will leave a mark".. but man being the highly intelligently designed being that he is, went on forward through time, killing every other living being, on purpose or by non-intelligent means, (a.ka. accident).. and it was bad.. and then the designer sent a message to one of his creations about what was going to happen to man if he continued to be naughty in his sight, and the book of revelations was written, and man continued to kill himself and every other thing, and the designer looked and saw and said that’s it.. and killed all of man and apologized to his highly intelligent friends saying “How was I supposed to know that was going to happen.” Then end.

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