Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Weather control and my other favorite conspiracy theories.

Weather control and my other favorite conspiracy theories.

Weather control..
The Japanese mafia has a weather machine and is holding the US ransom.. if we don’t give them 60 billion tons of raw fish they will make a category 9 hurricane and wipe out our oil fields for good…

Of course the US government also has a weather control machine and knows how to use it.. so the war of the weather is on!


Okay the above is ridiculous.. but I love conspiracy theories and the wild and whacker the stuff the better..

George Bush.. Illuminati? Reptile? The Anti-Christ.. or an Antipasto Salad? Who knows..
Sherry Shriner knows.. read her stuff, bible code and all at some real whacky stuff there!

Then we have one of my favorites.. NESARA a bill passed by congress in secret, signed into law by President Clinton (perhaps at magic wand point) and then made so secret that nobody can talk about it.. nobody except a few people asking for your support.. they can be found at , and

In those websites you will find information on every crack pot theory from the Beloved St. Germaine to NESARA to Alien Abduction, to Alien Worlds in other dimensions, to tuning the world up to 5th dimensional frequency.. some really rich stuff! (did I say dimensional.. I think I meant delusional)

Here is the interesting thing… I am open to speculation about alien worlds, and even to some degree weather control? I am a pretty normal guy, but as far as alien being, being out there somewhere in the universe I think the odds are just to great for.. as for weather control, there is some documentation about cloud seeding and the like that is factual.
However I have a hard time believing that Aliens actually talk to a bunch of loonies somewhere in the western deserts and that they give these people who have no other claim to fame messages to give to the rest of humanity. I mean come on.. you’re an alien.. you travel a few million light years, and you don’t have the wits to go on CNN?

The thing I like best about good conspiracy theory, is that in and amongst the fiction, should be enough facts that if looked at in just the right light, seem to verify the rest of the theory.. no matter how far out there the theory is.

I have found myself looking up at the sky wondering if the contrails I am seeing might actually be a “chemtrail” (do a google search for “chemtrial”) I wonder if the government has not ever had secret labs where they have done mind control experiments? Look at the Biloxi Syphilis experiments? Our government is capable of doing experiments on our citizens?

How about Cattle mutilation? Could it be that the cattle in the west that are being surgically mutilated, are really the government doing long term radiological/fallout studies from the bombs we exploded in the 40’s 50’s and 60’s?
(why wouldn’t the government just buy the cattle.. I don’t know.. maybe they don’t want anyone to know that our beef it toxic? Maybe it is just more fun reading about another rancher scratching his head and thinking aliens, or Sasquach did it?)

If you believe that these wild theories are 100% true, 50% truth or 100% ca-ca you have to admit some of them are a lot of fun.

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