Sunday, September 25, 2005

just some silly stuff..

For the sheer comedy of it all I am not going to re-read ot use speelcheck on this post.. the fact that I type all of the time, and am still this bad at it, makes me smile..
In the last few weeks, we have been focused on natural disasters.. we cannot yet take that deep breath that says it is over for now, as there is still much to be done. Examples.. Halliburton must now refurbish their hurricane machine, this alone will take $200 billion. Leaving about 98 dollars for other rebuilding.
George Bush must now get back the the work at hand in washington.. that is finishing his vacation season.

Keayn West (or whatever that loonies name is) must now get back to writing his book.. How George Bush killed me dead. or Life as a black man in a white world. to be co authored by Louis Ferricon.
(I hate raceism, even from people of color) It is good to see that mainstreem racisim is now a people of color posesion, kinda like the "N" word.
I have not heard a white person use the "N" word in nearly 5 years, but I hear it every day from people of color, when I have to tell my kids to turn down the MTv.

Nothing like taking on somthing as your own to take it's power away from your enemy. So from now on I am going to call my caucasion friends, whity, cracker, peckerwood, and honkey. I hear those wards being used by blacks often.. again.. I do nto hear the "N" word used by whites at all any more.

I am not a racist.. I hate everyone equaly.

Llama ranching never took off.. I wonder why.. other than teh whole spitting thing, Llamas are really cool.. start a Llama ranch today.

Osterich rancing was all the rage 10 years ago, wher eare they now?> Has anyone ever had an Osterich burger?

Emu ranching .. same thing.. I would eat an emu.. I have al alergy to Turkey.. can you see the thanksgiving diner table with an emu on it?

There once was a story told to me by a reverend.
A man was in his home when a flood alert was flashed across his television.. a few moments later a red cross worker in a truck knocked on his door and said, "we have to get you out of here"
To this the man siad.. "I am not worried, the lord will take care of me"
he then sent the red corss worker away.

The water started to rise..
the man had to go up onto his roof, when a boat pulled up.. the man in the boat said, "come with us, we'll take you to safety!"
Again the man sent them away saying "I am not worried, for the lord will take care of me".

Then the waters rose.. the man was forced to the top of his chimney.. just then a helecopter pulled flew up.. again asking the man to come with them to safetly..
The man again turned them away.. saying, "I am not worried, the lord will take care of me."

Then the waters overtook the man , and swept him away, and he drowned.

Later that same day, the man was in heaven, walking with the lord.
The man said to the lord, "I was a good man, and I followed your teachings, and yet you let me die, you did not provide for me as your book and word had promised, why is that oh lord?
And the lord shaking his head looked down to the man, and said, "I sent you a truck a boat and a helecopter, what more did you expect?

Lets not be that good man..
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thank you and may god bless you, every day.

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