Sunday, September 25, 2005

Rita a swing and a miss...
So rita was a swing and a miss. (for the most part).. thank god..
So now what? We still have about 60 days left in the hurricane season. And we are not out of th ewoods, yet.
So far on the surface it looks like the Red Cross and Salvation Army had their stuff together, Where FEMA and the local and state governments in LA (at least) did not. So here is my plan.. I will donate stuff from around my house to the Salvation Army. I have already made a pledge to give a little each month, around the year to the Red Cross. I beg that you do the same.

The next disaster may not be weather related, it may be geological.. and if we are to rely on the Federal Government to save us, e might as well expect Santa Clause to coem bail us out. At this point you have to give to the places that you have seen work, and work well. I am sure that there are many more, other than the SA and RC that did a great job. If you have seen a church, or civic group that really shined, please post a bit about them here. And donate your money, to them, or any place on your local level that you have seen do a good job. The next disaster may be in your own town. Prepare for the worst now, and with luck, nothing like this will ever happen to you, or your home town.

That is my 2 cents..

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