Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I know people.. that's why I love my dog!

All of my life I have observed human nature, and as a result I have learned to love my dog… by DelorumRex. (yes it is original)

I am a little sorry that , even though very tongue in cheek, my last several posts have been pretty serious.. It seems to get noticed in the blogosphere or anywhere these days, you need to be the most outrageous on the block.

I have tried a number of different tactics, to draw attention.. I know it is a relatively new blog and that as a result of that the word of this wonderful place has not yet spread far and wide… that’s okay, like I said in my profile.. I really don’t care if this thing gets read at all.. as long as I feel good writing it.

I love to write.. you would think I would be better at it than I am.. but hey.. screw you.. pal. 

Today, has been tough.. you see I have this dog.. her name is Tika.. I named her after a character in Margaret Wies and Tracy Hickman’s Dragon Lance stories.. I love those stories.. if you get a chance and you don’t hate fantasy give them a read.. very charming all in all.

Well. Last night (early this morning) Tika woke my wife and I up. By crashing into the furniture.. in the bedroom. She looked drunk.. staggering around and disoriented.. of course panic set in..
One thing you need to know about Tika, she has a rare disease called Diabetes Incipitus (DI) it is a renal/endocrine disorder, which we treat with two shots a day of something called DDAVP or Desmopressin. A side effect of this medication can be “water intoxication” where there is so much water in the system that the subject looks drunk. I thought that this must be it, as she has not been drinking much lately, perhaps she was diluted to delusional.. So at 8:00 AM she was at the vets office, her blood work came back fine.. (damn! Water intoxication is easy to treat, just withhold the medication and let the kidneys work). The vet thinks she may have an inner ear infection, or.. a brain tumor.. seems that DI is also caused by pituitary problems, the pituitary gland being the master endocrine gland at the base of the brain. A tumor may cause pressure on the pituitary gland causing DI. (Brain trauma and kidney dysfunction are the other causes of DI).. So I have a couple of choices.. I can take her to a neurologist, who is about 300 miles away, or I can treat her for an ear infection (inner ear)_ and hope and pray that it gets better. The antibiotics that are being suggested are a couple hundred dollars..

I just love this dog too damn much to give up on her.. maybe it is because I never had any children of my own.. maybe it is because she is so smart and such a good dog? I have had dogs most of my life, I have loved each of them, but this one is special..

So I will be paying for the antibiotics and praying.. well as much as I pray anyway.. I hope that if you read this you will pray for Tika too.. sounds funny asking strangers to pray for my dog.. but I really do love the beast. She is perhaps my best friend..

I promise to get these posts more upbeat and more humor oriented soon.. but for now, say a little prayer for Tika will ya?
Thanks.\ Peace pass it on.

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