Tuesday, September 27, 2005

How government entitlements killed the village and the family.

How government entitlements killed the village and the family.

Since the inception of Government entitlements, the family has been falling apart, as has the mythical Hilary Village.
Why? We no longer depend on our neighbors, family, church and civic bodies to help us in times of need, we look straight to big brother.. the government.

As long as the government is handing it out, and we’re taking it, we will be slaves, and indentured servants.

Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, but not one bit of flesh!

As soon as you take a government hand out, you have sold yourself, your family and your village into slavery.. it is time to break those bonds!

(Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Shitforbrains Sharpton, as well as Brother Faracon need to get a hold of that concept and stop acting like the mob!) (Do you think that the three named here care about the poor? The People of color? Of there wallets and power base?? Their actions tell the whole story)

As a person we are by nature screwed by our government, one want to give us into slavery to industry and the other wants to pay us for our slavery and to keep our mouths shut.. but in both cases we are still slaves.

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