Thursday, September 22, 2005

Bail the Oil companies out and screw the poor now! $1 Trillion for Oil Company relief, they've earned it.

$200 BILLION! For Katrina relief, ??? Billion for Rita Recovery...

Wait, let's take a look at that.. if there were 1 million people affected by Katrina, that means that there would have to be $200,000 per person given to aid recovery.
I wonder ???
If you are a family of 4 does that mean you get $800,000 for surviving the storm?
(of course not)
So where is the money going to go?

I wonder how many billions will go to the oil companies?
I have not heard anyone say how much the Oil companies are getting, and they were effected by Katrina.. they did have losses.. shouldn't they reap the benefits of disaster relief?

Now it looks as if Rita, another one of the strongest hurricanes in history will be slamming into Houston.. more oil company losses are sure to occur.

Why not let the Oil companies mark up gas prices to lets say $15.00 a gallon and then give them a trillion dollars to recover from the loss of production that these two storms surely cost them?

It is only fair.. they do employ people and they do have a effect through our entire economy.. why not thank them for it?

I work in a business that is supplied by products that take oil to make (and natural gas) guess what.. my prices of raw materials are skyrocketing! You will see that price increase in upcoming months reflected in the price you pay for my products.
Because my prices will have to go up, to cover my increases, the public will buy less of my product. If the trend of fewer sales goes much past the first quarter of next year, I will lay off about 25% of my workforce.. I will have to .. they will not be making anything if orders go down... and I can;t afford to pay people to stand around.. so I say.. either I get a check to compensate for my lost revenues (projected losses that is) or we just give all the money to the oil companies now, and hope that they don't raise prices any further...
whatta ya say? Should America bail out the oil companies.. and let the poor just be poor? I say yes.. higher bonuses for CEOs all around!
Sighing off.. I have a tee time at 8:00.

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