Friday, September 23, 2005

DeRex solves America's energy problems...

DeRex solves America's energy problems...

Here is my step by step solution to the fuel crisis. (long term)

Open drilling in UT, CO, AK NOW!
Build refineries , and lot’s of them
Allow further building of nuclear power plants. As well as new coal technologies power plants.
Make a single standard for Gasoline formulation, keeping environmental impact in mind.

I know that a number of the suggestions above do not sit well with the environmentalists, so let me continue.

Give tax breaks to Oil / Energy / Other companies when they invest in alternative fuel/energy source research.

If tax breaks are big enough there should be no need for the government to step in with taxation and direct funding of alternative energy technologies, other than perhaps in assisting with the final infrastructure and regulations, the government should keep it’s hand out of the pie. (Look at how badly they manage money everywhere else.. I don’t want them helping)

I have heard numbers that say we currently have more oil than Saudi Arabia under our soil. We need to break away from foreign oil dependence and using the guidelines above, we can, and can forever with the investment from the private sector in alternatives. In the mean time, this week I have heard that global warming is a. irreversible at this point, and b. caused primarily by the sun.. lets have a gasoline and desiel driven party to celebrate.. I will bring the hot dogs.

If the environmentalists cannot get their minds around the big picture above, I cannot help you.. you simply need to step aside and let the doers do.

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