Wednesday, September 21, 2005

God bless Google..

huh? you say..
Well, after an exile of nearly 90 days, my primary site one dedicated to consumer education may just be back on Google's first page for my primary keyword!

I was teased with this once, since my site started the google dance 90 days ago.. I am not sure why my pages started moving from 1 to 12th page and then to nowhere, to 10 to 7 to 8th to 5th back to #6 on the first page.. but I am sure glad to be back.

I made my first page in 1998 to try and get the attention of a friend who I had lost touch with... he had a band.. I made a band fan site for it.. and it worked.. we did get back in touch.
Then I tried to make money online, with this or that get rich quick idea.. none worked by the way.. but then I started a page about something I am specifically interested in, and it started to take off.. I made no money from the site at all for a long long time, .. in fact I gave the rights to reproduce it to someone in hopes to get my message out there to more people.. but then I decided to go from a free server to a paid server, and with that took on some banner ads to help of set the price of hosting.. a mere $4.95 a month for plenty of traffic and storage, not a bad deal..
I was clicking along at about 7000 hits a month when the google door shut.. and traffic went to 1000 per month.. I know I should not have been upset.. it was just a free information site.. and I was not loosing any real income.. but it did upset me.. and it made me reexamine the site, especially the front or index page.. along with my linking practices.. I had always assumed that if I had good content that the links would come naturally.. and for a while they did.. but pages get old ULRs go dead.. and after a while I had only 38 other pages linking back to me..
So my little time doing the Google Macarena did me some good, it made me a better webmaster (and I use that term very loosely)
At any rate, I hope to se traffic back up to previous levels, and have Google to thank for it.
Google thank you, for making me a better web page designer, promoter, and perhaps even person..

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