Friday, September 23, 2005

Gasolene prices over $5.00 a gallon.

Yes, gas prices today hit the $5.00 a gallon mark for the first time in history. Due to the resent storms effecting the gulf coast and the lack of refining capability, "we had to move the pries up to try and slow demand" an oil company spokesman said today. "It is the only way to insure a consistent flow of product all across the nation", he concluded.

When asked for comment, the President said.. "I will look into this matter, I will leave no stone unturned, and if there is gouging something will be done about it."

"That something is more than likely him calling buddies in the oil business to congratulate them in their stellar profits for yet another year." Al Franken was head saying on Air America shortly after the president’s speech.

We say, we here ya’ Al.. of course we are two of the 16 that actually can hear you.

Later today, it is suspected that Natural Gas prices will be doubled again for the second time since hurricane Rita made landfall late in the evening of September 23, 2005.

And as predicted fuel oil prices have hit another all time high, despite the large quantities of free heating oil supposedly delivered to the states from Venezuela.

It would seem that George Bush not only would like to drown, and starve poor people, he also would like them to freeze to death.

"Thank you sir, where would we be without you." Was the response of Jabber Eatins a dislocated black Cajun we found freezing to death in a Detroit suburb, where he was left to fenced for himself after his $2000 FEMA ATM was taken from him at gun point earlier this week. (Of course we could have given him a ride back to the south which is warm enough to survive in. but it is more fun to report this way. And just let him freeze)

Of course the above is satire and a fictionalized account of the coming weeks.
It is not meant to e humorous, just insightful.. at least it pleased me when I wrote it.

I am praying to my pagan god that lives are spared, and that Rita does only damage to things and not people.
I hope and pray too, that we can learn from the mistakes that we have made that have led up to the difficulties we now face after one storm and waiting for another to arrive. I really truly wish that we as a nation can pull together and help the people that will be and have been effected by these two storms, and hope that we realize that it is only matter of time before we go through these same scenarios again.

I really feel it should be the responsibility of the State and Local government to take care of it’s population, in time of emergency. The Federal Government should help the state in extreme cases, but the feds cannot know all the details of every situation or in every location, nearly as well as the locals can, and do. Perhaps there needs to be a shift in where tax dollars are going? Perhaps there needs to be more local level accountability? Perhaps the feds should stay the hell out of the way, other than providing interstate infrastructure and facilitating communication between state governments. I don’t know what the answer is, but I do not think the system that is in place is at all efficient of even working.

I was surprised to find out that the states that are in disaster areas waiting to happen, do not have food and water reserves? It seems silly to ship ice from Maine to Texas? Why is there not ice in Texas already? How about MRE’s? (Meals Ready to Eat) where are the state stock piles of those? (Much less the local level reserves?) It all seems just to centralized? Why do we let the Federal Government be out parent? Why do we expect it from the Feds? (and then complain about our taxes?)
It would seem to me that the expense of living in a place in time of need, should be shouldered by those that live there. NOT FAIR YOU SAY! Well keep in mind that local economics is always relative, If you and to pay much higher taxes to live in Florida, wages would be higher, and property costs would be closer to something resembling reality all through the sunshine state.
This would also discourage what we saw in New Orleans, if taxes were so high that the poor could not afford to live in low lying areas, then the poor would not have been the ones living there, and the people who were would have been able to evacuate, using their own private transportation.

It bothers me to see the Feds pledging money to the recovery, even though I did donate money and even helped create a few successful fund raisers. It is just that I know how poorly the government track record is for money management. And I hate to see my tax dollars get wasted, because those in charge of them, do not care how wisely they are spent. And in some cases only want to see those that helped them gain their power benefit.. it is like robbing from the poor and giving to the rich all over again, only this time, I don’t see a National Robin Hood anywhere in the near future.

Again I do not have the answer to Governmental waste.. It has always been around, at least as long as there has been government. It is perhaps incurable, because waste to one person is a necessary favor to another. What I see as Pork, someone else sees as the necessary redistribution of the national monies. Hwo do you stop it?

People ask me if I am a Republican or a Democrat, a conservative or a liberal, my only answer is that when it comes to politics I am an agnostic. (I don’t believe any of it)

It is a shame that our government has such a bad reputation in the eyes of the people, I blame a great deal of that on the divisiveness of modern politics, and a lack of genuine care for the people by those who lead us.

I cannot say that our government is “Of the People , By the People and For the People “ anymore. And honestly cannot tell you if it ever was. That may have only been a nice pitch man’s saying when it was first written.

So what is a person to do? Move to Canada? Move to Venezuela? Nah, it ain;t that bad here, but it could be so much better , don’t you agree?

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