Monday, September 19, 2005

Today's moment in the History of Bad Poetry

This moment in Bad Poetical History brought to you by and the makers of Prozac..
“cause ain’t no zac like Prozac”

The Dug-Out
Why do you lie with your legs ungainly huddled,
And one arm bent across your sullen, cold, Exhausted face?
It hurts my heart to watch you,
Deep-shadowed from the candle's guttering gold;
And you wonder why I shake you by the shoulder;
Drowsy, you mumble and sigh and turn your head . . . .
You are too young to fall asleep for ever;
And when you sleep you remind me of the dead.

Okay call me thick headed and insensitive.. but what in the hell is that?
JEEEEZUS! What a grim bunch of tripe! I mean for crissake… talk about making a simple observation into crappy poetry..
not to mention a good reason to
a. slit one's wrists or
b. enter group therapy..

what’s next..
"See the happy Llamas
See them jump and play
See them happy Llamas
I blow them up this day."

This is what would happen to Jewish Llamas if they ever entered Palestine.
Damn Llama hating Palestinians..
Of course who could like Llamas if they were also Jewish..
I mean can you see it?
Just there names.. You could never bring on to a party and not make everyone look funny at you when you introduced them..
I dare you.. to bring a Jewish Llama to your next dinner party..
Oh sure.. you say.. but no I dare you.. I double dare, you.
Walk right in with him.. boldly go up to the Hostess and say.
“I would like you to meet my friend, Bernie The Llama Berkowitz." and see what kind of stares you get.

I hate poets that hate Llamas, and clearly this is one of "those people"


Anonymous said...

The poet (Sassoon - ) fought in the first world war. As far as I know, the war was not due to emotional problems regarding Llamas (especially not Jewish ones, as his father, I believe, was Jewish). His nickname (Mad Jack) would suggest that the prozac link might be an appropriate one.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the reason you don't like it is becuase you don't understand it, i mean lets face it it takes a brilliant mind to work out these kind of poems and the people that write them and from what you have just written it sounds like your feeble excuse for a brain just couldn't comprehend what he was trying to say... i know! next time why don't you try criticising something that you actually understand! but then again... wouldn't be that interesting now.... would it?

DelorumRex said...

Here's the funny bit.. the poem, when read in perspective, of the first world war, makes great sense. And even can be called "passable".
When I stumbled across it, however, it was posted on a blog that was all about goth love.
If taken in the perspective, of a goth love poem, you gotta admit, it's crap.

But there too, I never found a goth that was not affraid of Jewish Llamas, so therefore, most Goth poetry is crap, don;t you think?

Anonymous said...

I wonder what makes you think my journal is about gothic love? It makes me sad that you have jumped to a conclusion and feel the need to name call.

I tend to study poetry rather than judge it...but I would say it was pretty good and important in terms of Sassoon's collection as it's one of the only 'direct' poems not to use humour or satire.

DelorumRex said...

You know you'r eright.. I went back and looked at your journal.. it was not the one I had remembered it to be.. I am truly sorry, but my ageing memory.. well quite frankly it sucks.

But the thought of that poem being on a Goth love site.. well that makes it funnier, so I will stick to remembering it that way if it is okay with you.

As I recall, I had not sank to the level of name-calling in the personal sense, that is until somone made the assertion that my mind was "feeble", which I agree it is.. but you don;t have to name call.
Perhpas it is some small confusion over the Anonymous posts.. perhpas you are not the same anonymous, that said my brain was feeble.. but given that you have the hugly stunning intelect that you do, I am assuming that you would know that carrying on a conversation in a forum format, while using the moniker of anonymous, is just bad form.

At this point , I am happy for you, happy that you have a hobbie, that you enjoy.. but alas I am sad too.. sad because somone that tries to come off as so heady, would make such a simple mistake in 1. understanding, and 2. form. Perhpas it is true that those who see themselves and try to protray themselves as "intelectuals" are meerly hiding behind a mask, trying not to show their inate inability to deal with other human beings in a civil and well socialized manner.

I am not name calling here, meerling making an observation, if you start posting with a name rather than anonymous, I may believe that it was simply a mistake.. and enough will have been said. And perhpas, you will read deeper into my blog.. finding the true reasoning behind my pointing you and your journal out? Perhpas you will then see that there is no malicious intnent, but rather just the opposite is true? THat through satire, adn occasional sarcasm, I attempt to help my fellow man (blogger).
But you see this will take some work rahter than conclusion jumping..

If you care to continue this dialogue, I will be happy to go along with you, but lets set aside the accusations for a moment until we understand eachother..
Or you can simply fuck off.. either way I am fine with it.