Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Zoroastrianism it's not just a mexican guy in a mask anymore..

Well hello and let me start off by saying "CRAP!"
Last night in a drunken bliss, I typed up a wonderful diatribe about the teaching of evolution and "intelligent design" in schools.. and when I went to publish this work of pure literary art.. my system crashed! So you do not get to read about the teaching of belief systems in public schools.. you don’t get to read about throwing out all theory as fact teaching, and you donut get to read about, the opposing views being taught whenever there is an opposing view.
Too bad it really was priceless...
let me tease you further by saying, that there was a whole section dedicated to ancient creation mythos.. that if the state was not to sponsor any specific religion.. namingly the Big guy simply named "God" that they should be forced to teach all of the creation stories equally. After all, what’s wrong with Zoroastrianism?
I like the story where the earth, which is a big turtle, was shaken from the back of a giant whale, and now floats freely in space, looking for its lost ocean home.
Although that still is not quite as convincing as the Flying Spagetti Monster theory.. but to read about that you will just have to google it.
Well enough for one morning.. I have coffee to drink and showers to take..
Pass it on.
(PS this is still called "...random spellings" so I left a hidden morning donut, what can I say spell check picked that word, and who am I to argue with Microsoft?)

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