Thursday, September 22, 2005

Passed on to you.. viddy well me little droogie woogs

DeRex Wrote: Here it is kids, the first alarm bell.. the warning of what is to come in the next weeks and months. I hope he is wrong.
This was passed onto me by secret sources.. make of it what you will.

article to come soon getting into the details of what I am currently doing in the spa industry, let me tell you this. In the last 30 days I have seen a 25% increase in the cost of some materials used to make our spa shells. I am told that if the right part of Texas gets hit my Rita I mat not be able to get some raw materials I use in spa manufacturing. Due to shortage and diverting to rebuild.. government gets theirs first ya know.

As a result I see a 15% or greater price increase needed to keep everything flowing and to keep margins at a level that will be needed to keep a float over the next 18 months. (I am painting a worst case scenario, but there really may be a shortage of spas here and soon!)If you are a spa shopper , my suggestion is to BUY NOW!Like gasoline many of the products used to make your spa are petroleum and energy dependent. If you believe that gas prices are not going back down any time soon, you must then think the same about spas.Do not wait to buy, if you go past January I promise you will see an increase in any of the three brands I am closely associated with at this time, and I have to assume that this will likewise effect the entire industry.

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