Thursday, September 22, 2005

The UN.. move it now.. punish the guilty, or close up shop and make the building condos.,2933,168591,00.html

Here we go some more.. UN scandal.. bribes.. Russians.. oil for food.. yada yada yada..

When will we finally admit that the UN is broken.. and perhaps broken beyond all repair.

It’s okay,, the League of Nations failed too.. it is not a first.. it is only a case of history repeating itself.

I just do not believe that he UN can succeed, human nature is too corrupt. When countries that are known to torture and kill it’s own people are put in charge of human rights, the system is broken.. when officials can get rich taking bribes, with very little consequence.. it’s broken.
I think a big part of the problem is the size of the UN.. I man have you seen the building? It’s HUGE! Time to downsize.. and look where it is.. If you converted it to condos the money that could be made in tax revenues rather than spent by NYC in protecting these arrogant dick-heads!

I think if ever there was a case for Eminent Domain taking “private” property because the revenues would go up to the city, this is the case that America could stand behind.

The UN just ticks me off.. I feel like what have they done for me lately.. I am sure may more people feel the same.

So here is my proposed solution.. Cut the size of the UN in half.. put the UN on a 4 year rotation.. every 4 years the UN headquarters is moved into the most impoverished place on the planet, make the UN building complex out of mobile home trailers.. this way they can be broken down and moved with the UN every 4 years. If in the 4 years they are in the Hell that they are sent to, they do not make marked improvements to that area, they are all fired, and the next group comes in , the ones who are fired however, must now stay where they failed, on their own, no help form their mother country.. just them.. no jobs.. no food.. just the clothes on their back.. and a note that says “Thank you for your service.. you are on your own”.

Then we could take the kind hearted countries like The Congo.. and put them in charge of the UN prison.. if you are a member of the UN and you are convicted of a crime, especially stealing from the UN, you get to go to UN prison, where the kind humanitarians of the Congo will “take care” of you for your sentence.

Power corrupts.. the UN is a corrupt institution.. and either needs to clean it’s own house, or be burnt to the ground making way for a new and improved version.

(Even if the UN were to get itself in order, I feel it needs to be somewhere else.. and the 4 year rotation is a valid idea once you remove the sarcasm)

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