Monday, September 19, 2005

See how I spin

See how I spin
See how I spin on my little chin
I like to spin on my little chin

I like to spin on my little knee
I spin like a bee on my little knee

See how I fly through my little eye
See how I fly and crash and die.

This moment of bad poetry brought to you by the letter G and the number 9.

Does anyone ever read poetry blogs?
I do not think a word of good poetry has been written in lets say 30 years.
Or perhpas not since E.E.Cummings wrote about "your electric hair".
Myabe not since, Robert Burns wrote about Halloween?
Maybe not since Shakespear wrote?
Maybe not since Homer?
On second though I read Homer in the Greek.. and it was rubbish ("Rosy read fingers of dawn".. shit.. pure shit).
Perhpas there has never been good peotry... I am pretty sure of it.

I liked the movie "The Dead Poets Society" but other than for that movie, I have no use for poetry.

(but it does give me another topic.. Bad Peotry.. and ther eis a lot of it out there to pick from.. so if you like Bad peotry.. you better RSS this blog right now!)

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