Tuesday, September 20, 2005

review of 'The Neck Tie"

I have often wondered about the invention of the Neck Tie.
I have heard that it was originally used as a bib and evolved from there to the $100 piece of ridiculously colored silk we so often see today. (Wipe your pork fat on that will ya!)

But why do we still wear them? I don’t get it.. They are expensive, unattractive and a choking hazard.
But every year, at my Company Christmas party, and for the Sales Rep Dinner, and whoever I have to speak to a crowd of our vendors.. I have to wear one?

I have heard a lot from different circles about things that OSHA has put to an end. (The big saw mill saw blade with no guards comes to mind) Why can’t OSHA step up and ban the Neck tie from the workplace?

I wonder if anyone has done a study, to determine how many people each year are killed or injured by their neck tie? I would venture a guess that it is more than are harmed by my air hose in the shop, and I have to have a safety tip on that.. I would go as far as to say that I bet it is more than are killed by falling debris inside at many of the parts manufacturers I visit, but OSHA makes me wear a hard hat at many of those jobsites!

OSHA where are you on this? A sleep at the wheel? Come on, let’s get those note legal pads out and start raising some income by fining employers that make their employees wear that deadly noose, known as a neck tie.

Now that I think about it.. underwear can be quite binding too.. but on second thought my boss has never said to me “ You will be at this meeting, and you will wear underwear”.. “make it the red silk job, I like that one best”.
And he has said that about my tie.

Peace pass it on..

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