Tuesday, September 20, 2005

See the rave reviews that this blog is getting...

See the rave reviews that this blog is getting…

DarthVandersmoot wrote:
“It’s like a vaudeville show for bloody retarded people”

Bernie “the Llama Bernstein” said..
It is about time someone gave the proper attention to all Llamas and Alpacas everywhere.. GOD BLESS HIM!

Stinky Armpit said:
“Smashing, simply smashing! (Well smashing is what I want to do whenever I read any of DRex’s crap!”)

Mortermer Snerd Wrote:
“huh whadafuck is that!”

DeRex’s mother said.
“He could have been a doctor you know?”

DeRex Himself said:
Well I can’t read it, I have to admire and pity anyone that can”.

And there you have it, the first honest review of a blog, posted at that blog. I may have set a trend here.. I can see it now.. Poets all across this great land f ours writing.. “JESUS MY STUFF STINKS”

I have always said if you are going to suck at something, be sure you suck better than anyone before you has sucked!

Sure you TV may suck.. but I SUCK MORE!

(actually being a str8 male I do not truly suck.. it is more a licking motion)

Okay perhaps that last statement was too outrageous for my more politically correct and conservative readers.. let me rephrase it for you.. hummm?

I have never sucked, nor do I truly intend to suck, and if I were forced to suck I would not inhale…) Thank you.

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