Sunday, April 30, 2006

Good bye April: Notes on American Idol, Kat McPhee and National Poetry Month.

Well, I want to start by saying good bye to April, my birth month. And the late snow showers that go with it here in these parts..
Dear April.. go eat a fat one.
Okay now onto business..
Kat McPhee..
We took a poll, Kat McPhee Fat or PHAT.
and the results re in.
9 out of 10 annonmous retards belive she his P.H.A.T.
(Pretty, Hot and Tempting.
The other one just is a retard.

It is not too late to vote in our Kat (Katherine, Katharine, Kathirine) McPhee Poll.. just go to the home page of this blog and scroll down.. (if you are already on the homepage just ninny)

Here is some American Idol items for you to buy.. because I get a few pennies when you do and you know you are an AI addict.
Titles from Kelly Clarkston, Bo Bice, and Clay Aiken

and last but not least.. National Poetry Month..
Yes, this is the end (thank god)
I ran out of good material about the 15th.. I found one good erotic poetry authos durring the quest.. so all is not lost.. just most of it is lost..
If you enjoy Erotic, and Semi-erotic poetry here are your selections.

And now announcing May's theme!
Vampires.. yes friends and neighbors, in between Duke Lacross postings.. (The exciting conclusion is just around the bend) we will be posting vampire stuff, stories, erotica, photos, and the like.. if you love the dark side, or just want to be loved by the dark side, be sure not to miss a day in May!

Here is a little Anne Rice to warm you up to the idea.. (I love Anne)

and of course to keep Nix and all you vampire movie enthusiasts happy.. I giveyou these fine selections.

Yes, I know that Interview with the Vampire has Tom Cruise (The Anti-christ) but WTF, if you hate him like I do.. you will just ignore the link.. if however you like that sick little midget.. at least this way I can benifit from his ability to act.


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