Wednesday, May 03, 2006

anyone see this yet? Napster has a new business modle.. and is free?

Napster Free Trial

Napster announced that it has a new business modle, a new website adn according to the advertizing from them is now FREE.

It has been a while since we have heard anything from or about Napster. I loved the initial concept, adn felt bad for them when those wimps int eh music industry went after them. I agree with their argument, that people have been sharing music for as long as there have been portable recording devices.

And it is not like the chase after napster slowed for even a second the file sharing, music swapping, adn copyright infringment that they were trying to stop.. I don;t think I know a person that does not download misic and video for free or at least own a piece fo downloaded and often bootlegged video or music.. it is just tiem that the music and film industry got in tune with the times.. people will always buy their product, and people will always try to cheat.. that is just the truth in life.. to think anything else is to denigh reality.
At any rate, go check out the new napster!

click the little pic already!

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