Wednesday, May 03, 2006

American Idol, the day after, a few random thoughts and spellings.. and oh yes there will be Katherine McPhee too..

Okay, what good old fasioned American Male did not want to get on the floor with Kat McPhee last night?
And did you see the looks on the guys playing the box drum when Brian Seacrest askd "What instrument is that?".. you know one of them wnated to say "the xylephone.. you idiot."

Another thing worth noting.. did you notice that in the "on the floor" song, the camera operators kept the shot above the bottom of Kat's plunging neckline? I get the feeling, that the producers may have said, "okay one nipple slip goes out on the air, and your fired." Come on American Idol, 3.5 million viewers tuned in to see a nipple slip.. the least you could have done is tease us a bit with Katherine's Boobs!

As far as the performances went, it seemd a real mixed bag.. I have to agree again with Simon.. it was an erratic show.. Chris, my favorite's voice did start to fail in his second song.. but with that voice who's wouldn't after a day of pratice? Chris advice.. dude, keep a little somthing in reserve.. pratice hard the day before, but gently the day of.

Paris, well, I think Paris will go home..
I know I have been trying to send Elliot home for weeks, but he was stronger than Paris last night.. he still bores the hell outta me, but paris was not so good..

And "The gray haired dude" Taylor Hicks.. I thought was fun to watch.. I want him adround for at least another round.
VFTW has selected him as their favorite.. which is the kiss of death.. but with luck it will not be for another week or so.

Kat, this is what that sone (Against all odds) is supposed to sound like.. sorry love, but you mucked it up big time.

Video thanks to youtube.
It's one of my favorite songs.. it is one of those that carries a "special meaning" in my life... so I guess I would be criticle.. but I still love ya.

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