Thursday, May 04, 2006

Lesbian Vampire Sex.. how can you go wrong?

Here's a little video for you perverts and freaks. (just like me)

Vampyos Lesbos

Even if you are not interested in buying it from amazon, you really should click the link to go read the reviews.. even Nix says it's a classic.. and nix knows classic horror like only a sick freak like him could.

Now if I can just get of Nixsclips to review it on ToA I will have one more thing to promote this month.. (May is Vampire month you know)

How can you not like Lesbian Sex and Vampires all rolled up into one NR film?
I ain;t saying it's porn, but rather a classic adn historic feature film.. (this way you can justify watching it, to your less cizilized adn more puritanical friends , spouse, etc.)
So do not delay.. go buy or rent Vampyros Lesbos today.. and post your own revire in our comments section.. if it is the best you will win a big fat box of nothing, and perhpas an honerable mention amongst this and other sick freaks blogs.. yea sick freaks.. and rich weirdos.
Where can you rent classics like this online???

intelliflix online dvd rentals!

go ahead click it.. you know you want to..

1 comment:

NixEclips said...

And then there's "Vampyres" which also involves lesbian blood-suckers, as well.

And don't forget both the original and remake of Nosferatu.

Forget those frou-frou faggy vamps and stick to the lesbians and the creepy fucks.

Nix says: Oh, there's also Lifeforce. Alien vampires and a chick that walks around naked through the whole movie.